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This made me happy. So i am a fan of Chuck. The cast was recently at a convention. They convinced a bunch of the fans to all walk over to subway to buy subs in support of the show. This was a fan of the shows idea actually as subway is one of the major sponsors of the show. The video below shows Zachary Levi the star of the show leading the group over and getting behind the counter to help serve the subs. It is really cool. I think I am going to go eat a sub now.

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Made me chuckle because I only live 14 miles from there and have used that branch of Subway several times. Also, though it wasn't visible on the footage, they walked through the arcade where the local games store is :)

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If they have the episode where Chuck and his buddies have a D&D game I am going to be pleased and not surprised.

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As I find the quality of Subway's fair to be pretty shitty, I'll pass. If you're going to pay for a sandwich, may as well get what you're paying for.

$5 is a lot of money for 2oz's of roast beef flavoured turkey and some bread.

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That's really awesome! Either he really loves working on Chuck, or that man knows a media opportunity when he sees one... Probably a little of both.

I want Subway now....


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