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( Feb. 9th, 2007 01:59 pm)
Well Our intrepid heroes had made it up the Rachi river last session to the ruins of an ancient giant temple. Their hunt of Emerald Claw has almost cost them their lives repeatedly. Tommorrow they enter the temple and hopefully they will survive.

as to the future i will be trying to run a Fantasy Hero game soon. it will be set in Avatar the last air bender. I plan on starting it as soon as the current eberron adventure ends. Then we can alternate back and forth. Least that is the plan.

The basics on my Avatar game.
150 pt hero level characters.
no more than 75 points in disads.
no more than 15 in any one disadvantage
Normal characicteristic maximum.

equipment of a standard nature costs no points.

i will have more details later.
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( Dec. 14th, 2006 02:52 pm)
So how do you feel about character death?

So in my Eberron game last weekend a couple of pc's closed to mellee with a vampire got drained in the process. They were hurting him only a little(at least compared to what they do to folks without DR). At one point they had both been hit twice and lost 4 levels.that meant one of them was at effectively first level. If he got hit again he was going to be killed and rise as a vampire. he was advised that chances are he would not survive if he kept it up and he withdrew. This has propmpted me to ask if in the small enviroment of a table top game does the death of a character mean that you would stop the campaign or continue with a new character? How about if half the party dies? Does having a tabletop character die bother you? Larp characters are a different critter because you become more involved with them(most of the time). I was wondering what people thought about dead characters in a tabletop.

Note: I would Realy like to here from my players on this as well.
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( Oct. 8th, 2006 02:08 am)
So running a game while sick is a mistake. Rifts got off to a rocky start.
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( Sep. 8th, 2006 10:32 am)

Rifts game

The basics of what people will know. The heroes will be in the city of Lazlo. The Coalition has been increasingly hostile to the various D-Bee races, magic, and settlements that allow them like for instance Lazlo. The call for mercnaries and the like to come and help has been thrown out and mercs and adventures from all over have come to help build up the defences. There is definately a feel of a war coming.

Requirements on the characters.
No outright evil alignments.
Any Occ is allowed
Equipment is only the starting equipment allowed to your class.
All characters have a reason for being in north america.

Theme of the game should be preparing for the epic battle. The weight of getting things ready falls on the pc's shoulders as agent of one of the few free and enlightened places left in the world.

Having played Shadowrun 4th edition this past weekend, I have it on the brain. I have played that game since the first edition came out. I love the setting. It is frigging awesome. The 4th edition makes some system changes that appear at least on the service to be very nice as the games weakness was the system it's self was a little unwieldy.

Anyways this put me in a mind of running it sometime up here in Knoxville. But I came up with this great idea for a game character creation concept. People will make characters based around their lj handle as their street handle. This is not to say they are playing themselves. It means they take the lj handle and come up with a story and a charicter in that world based on that name. That alone could be alot of fun.

What kind of shadowrun charicter would have your lj name?
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( Nov. 8th, 2002 09:09 am)
Ran champions last night. Had an absolute blast. I have not run a game over a year. I was nervous going into it, cause I had never run for this crew before. I have played table top and larped with all of them. All of them are great people and great gamers. They get all the aspects of gaming.

So we started a bit late, due finishing up charicters. but once we started people fell into an easy groove you get when you know how things will play out with the other players.

They seemed to enjoy it and the charicters have an odd dynamic that makes for a believable team.

Next weeks episode

Now that our new heroes have discovered each other and been discovered by others, how will their lives change? Also who is the man behind the roberies in Atlanta. What mysterious force has been covering Agent Z in the FBI. Stay tuned true believers.



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