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( Jun. 14th, 2002 02:46 am)
Gentle friends, tarry not for me.
We have walked long and I must rest.
The battles we have fought together,
the lands we have seen,
and the women we have woed.
Our minds have provided
all the adventure we have ever needed
But now I am tired
and I seek respite in slumber.
When I wake we will journey
again to the landscapes of our minds.

Jeremiah McCoy

Slaying My own Unicorns
I thought I would post an old poem of mine for your (i hope) pleasure. Enjoy

Hold O endings
My life is not done
The garden needs tending.
The dogs need be fed.
Hold O love.
I miss you, true.
But your roses must grow.
TheHouseneeds cleaning
Hold O friend
true to the end.
My Burbon still warms me
my pipe still needs it's fire
Hold o death
for I fear thee.
And I still need my life.

Okay that was one of my old poems about old men. Weird how I always felt older than I really was. Anyways I wrote that back in 95. probably more to come later.

Slaying My own Unicorns


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