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( Jan. 4th, 2003 09:59 pm)
I am movie guy.

I like movies. I watch alot of them. I have my favorites like most people. The top of the list for me is Cassablanca. Humphrey Bogart is the ultimate cool. There are other films on my list of faves. I watched one of them tonight.

Pump up the Volume is great. This movie came out at the begining of the 90's. I had Christian Slater, who I have to say is also pretty damn cool, and Samantha Mathias. To those of you who have not seen this the plot is simple. Young man living in arizona puts together a pirate radio station to express to the world his general frustration at being a teenager. His persona is Happy Harry Hard and he is inspired in his rants.

The rest of course is gravy. The beautiful parts of this movie is him on the radio. He was a screaming voice in the wilderness. One I desperately at the time wished would come along in the real world. Most of the crap they talk about having to go through was pretty damn real. If you didn't go through stuff like that then you knew people who did.

The music was the collest thing going when it came out. It started my knowledge of Concrete Blonde and Leonard Cohen. I started listening to music like that around this time. I tuned in to the local college radio station The WAWL.

It also made me feel like less of a freak. That there were more people in the world who were disatisfied the way things were. That is okay to occassionally howl at the moon. That you can be a geek nerd and still find things in you that are cool.

Oh well it also started me on my tradition of sharing rants. I got into BBS's for my ranting but that is what started me on it. Well that and I was driving people crazy. I dont rant here enough. I have rants but I dont share them any more. I probably should. It is theraputic. I am not going to be claiming to be naked with only a cock ring on or nothing. Just a bit of howling at the moon to feel like me again. I promise to keep the masturbation to the minimum.

feeling young again


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