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( Jan. 1st, 2003 02:14 am)
I suppose one is required by tradition to review their life on new years. As I am apt to self review at the drop of a hat this is no great shake for me. Self review will help you to keep your being an idiot(in theory. Results may very)

This year has been relatively uneventful. I have my own place now and I have to list that as the only real event of any note for me personally. I did get to watch and help friends get married this year which was nice to say the least, but my own personal relations with the opposite sex has resembles the moon. An airless, lifeless desert landscape with a few tricky dips. Still a portion of that is my fault. My life is beginning to get back on track and I guess I have avoided romance for fear that it might interfere with that track. Fear it seems is my enemy in a lot of things.

Well no deaths of anyone important to me. My family seems to be doing quite well actually. Everyone seems to be prospering. For this I am glad.

I also this year do to my peculiar new hobby of the live journal have met a number of people who are pretty cool. People like and who are both cool for different reasons but I am glad to have met them even if it is only on LJ. I started my journal February 14th at 2:21 am. I do enjoy writing in it and I really should do so more often with far more skill than previously. I look at Zeppo's entry's and I wonder why I cant write anything but endlessly despairing crap.

Oh well now to look at the year ahead of me. For one thing this year I plan on going on a trip to England in February. Going to visit with mom at her house and try and take in as much England as 10 days will allow. I am also going to try and get off the damn phones at work and get into something else. beyond that who knows. I honestly cant say.

tell me how it turns out.

god I miss my dad



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