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( Oct. 18th, 2005 07:45 pm)
any bets on how long before this gets hacked?

Nintendo in McDonald's wi-fi deal
Nintendo has joined forces with McDonald's to offer free wireless internet access in the US for its DS handheld games console.
The service means McDonald's customers will be able to play selected DS titles against other gamers around the globe.

Rivals Sony and Microsoft already offer online gaming on their game consoles.

Nintendo's online gaming service is due to be launched in the US on 14 November, and then in Europe on 25 November.
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( Oct. 17th, 2005 12:45 pm)
So I tried out the iTunes6 tv Show download offering. It is a concept I had been waiting to hit for a while now. I think 1.99 price tag may be a little higher than I would care for but not to bad. The show I downloaded and watched last weeks episode of Lost. The show of course was excellent. I mean this is one of the best shows on tv after all. The performance of the program is solid in this respect. I have dsl and it took about 15 minutes to download the show. Buying it was somewhat seemless. Now playing was another story. I should point out I am using a 4 year old computer with a 900 megahertz processor and half a gig of memory. I have a video card with only 64 megs of memory on it. So playing it initially was jerky. I closed out things and tried again and it was still a little jerky. What ended up doing was closing iTunes entirely and playing it with quicktime. This went much better. Simply put if you have an old out of date machine this will not run easily for you. Once they get the show selection higher though this will be an excellent service actually.


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