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I have to say, first off James Randi is a man I respect a great deal. He has been famous for taking on charlatans and faith healers to expose them as fakes. This little bit is out of his usual realm, but take that to show that this is pretty egregious. I had read an article on this a little bit ago but this video describes the problem pretty well. A man gets convicted and is facing 85 years in prison for doing something LEGAL in his state.

For the record I don't smoke marijuana. I never have and probably never will. This not due to any belief it is wrong to do so, it just is not my bag. That should not matter though. This guy is getting royally screwed. Check it out.

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Drug use isn't legal anywhere. The crux of the issue is that drug use is also a Federal offense, and while the perceived "legality" boils down to a state saying that IT won't prosecute, that in no way prevents the feds from doing so.

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interesting. Unfortunately he is guilty of all five charges. just not being prosecuted by the state.



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