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( Feb. 10th, 2009 04:20 pm)
Today is my moms birthday. She says she is 39. That is interesting as I am 36. Of course she was 29 for a while as it was.

Luv ya mom.

For what it is worth, mom was always the cool mom that all my friends liked. She bought me my first D&D set. She had no problem when the guys came up to take over the dining room table for Axes and Allies. She took us to SciFi conventions for years while I was growing up, made dinner for the gaming group when I was in college and generally not only embraced the fact i was a geek but encouraged it.

She was a firefighter and paramedic for most of my childhood. We moved around a lot and life was not always easy but she did good by me and my brother. She is pretty awesome and I wish her a happy birthday. She is on LJ so she will see this so this seemed as good a place to say such.

Happy Birthday mom.

your son.


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