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( Jan. 15th, 2009 09:04 am)
It seems life sometimes looses track of things. All the dancing fools we are and we get lost in the crowd. Familiar faces are no longer there and sometimes fade. A smile and hug once familiar now becomes a memory from another life. Somewhere that person is still there. In another reality, your still there laughing.

I guess I am melancholy. Don't take that as a sign of regret. I made the choices I did for reasons and now I am here. I like my life, but sometimes I remember. I remember the way it felt to talk for hours. I remember the jokes and laughs. I remember you. In traveling through life, the current has taken us apart. Know that I remember and miss you my friend. If the world were different I would have you here with me.

Sometimes we forget to say that.

love and friendship
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( Jan. 15th, 2009 07:40 pm)
grandpa is home. Not that he is really all that well, but he at least is not in hospital. He is grumpy but home.
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( Jan. 15th, 2009 10:17 pm)
I have been thinking of this song lately.   You should listen to it.  It is originally by Leonard Cohen, but this version works for me.

Jonathan Coulton-Famous Blue Raincoat

Note. This is a creative commons song released by Jonathan Coulton. You should so go buy it from his website or in iTunes or where ever you can. He is awesome.


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